Rachel Jetel
Rachel Jetel
Sustainability Strategy Consultant

Taking a systemic approach to the business opportunity of solving complex challenges for a sustainable future


Recent Work & Projects

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Systems, Futures & Design Thinking: Sustainability Workshops in Hong Kong

How will our businesses sustain 5, 10, 50 years from now, under the unprecedented pressures, unpredictable dynamics, and increasing stakeholder expectations?

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Sustainability “Hardware” is Nothing Without the Right “Software”

The key is to influence through effective engagement. Sustainability professionals need to evolve from doers to influencers. This is fundamental to becoming an effective change agent.

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Hong Kong: Exploring a More Sustainable Concrete Jungle

How might we apply systems thinking as an approach that businesses can leverage to effectively address complex sustainability challenges? We conducted a diagnosis in Hong Kong's property industry, looking at key materials in the supply chain (e.g., concrete, timber, steel, etc.), to inform strategy to transition to a sustainable pathway. 

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Promprylad, Ukraine: Social Innovation Insights through a Systems Lens

Promprylad is a place-based social innovation and revitalization project of a former factory. Our team set out to explore issues of negative gentrification and potential risks for the project, to inform further innovative solutions and stakeholder collaboration opportunities.

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“The world is a complex, interconnected, finite, ecological-social-psychological-economic system.  We treat it as if it were not; as if it were divisible, separable, simple and infinite. Our persistent, intractable global problems arise directly from this mismatch.”

– Donella Meadows 


“Systems thinking is... 

a discipline for seeing wholes rather than parts, for seeing patterns of change rather than static snapshots, and for understanding the subtle interconnectedness that gives living systems their unique character.”

– Peter Senge

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