About Rachel: Sustainability Professional Passionate about System Change

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I lead strategic projects at the We Mean Business coalition, and am truly excited about the deep collaboration and systemic impact we are having through the coalition's unique approach to bold climate action. Read more here. 



I have built my experience as a sustainability strategy consultant in the U.S., Asia and Europe with cross-sector clients ranging from NGOs to Fortune 50 big business in industries spanning food & beverage, energy, transportation, health, tourism, manufacturing, social innovation and technology. I’ve had the chance to work with some of the biggest brands in the world on their sustainability agendas for nearly a decade. I'm determined to create scalable and sustainable change for society and our ecosystems through our global for-profit systems.


I’ve shaped my capabilities in systemic diagnosis, system change strategy, innovation design, deep collaboration, and leadership in partnership with Forum for the Future, as part of their School of System Change. Built upon a 20-year history of running an acclaimed master’s program in Leadership for Sustainable Development, the School has partnered with a growing global community of change agents to share the capabilities to lead system change initiatives addressing complex sustainability challenges.



Big business has an immense opportunity to take a more systemic approach in shaping a more sustainable future that enables returns economically, ecologically and socially. The immense challenges we face today will only be overcome by unprecedented perspective, collaboration, and innovative solutions that are as dynamic and interconnected as our challenges are. Or more simply put:

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -  Albert Einstein

This is why I am so passionate about looking at the health of our whole “system”. With a systemic approach, the possibilities for business strategy toward profitable, scalable change are endless – for the social progress of those in our global value chains; for an enabled circular economy to rethink, revalue and evolve today’s mainstream production and consumption cycles; and for business and its investments to exist for net-positive impact in our ecological and societal systems.

One of my new favorite facilitation methods: The Fishbowl discussion.

One of my new favorite facilitation methods: The Fishbowl discussion.


I'm a collaborator and an optimist by nature. I build trusted relationships and connections to bring people along and drive influence. I thrive in teams, cultivating positive energy in tackling a collective challenge. I pride myself on my adaptability, curiosity and openness to ideas. My leadership style is empathetic and participatory. I'm hungry to learn from others and share from my experience and unique perspective to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.



I am a California native with global experience. With Asia as a vital artery of our global value chain, I was drawn to an opportunity in Hong Kong in 2014. From the challenges of burgeoning economic development to the impacts of globalization, Asia is home to some of the world’s most exciting growth trends and complicated systemic issues. Prior to my current freelance role, I was Edelman's lead strategy consultant for sustainability in Asia Pacific, leading the regional "Business + Social Purpose" practice in sustainability. I was also a member of practice leadership teams for five years, transferring to Hong Kong from our co-headquartered Chicago office. Combined with projects in Europe, I have built a deep, international skill-set of sustainability strategy consulting, stakeholder engagement, project management and partnership relations.