What am I up to?

At the moment I am freelance consulting and inviting the private sector to explore system change as an effective way to address complex sustainability challenges. A few examples and highlights:

  • I have been working with Hong Kong's largest fast food chain on the next evolution of their sustainability strategy. This has involved analyzing risks to the business and the food system – from supply, to food waste, to nutrition – and helping craft strategy recommendations, engagement methodologies, thought leadership opportunities, and cross-functional operational and governance structures.
  • Another recent project focused on one of my favorite topics: people engagement. Yes, more formally we call this "stakeholder engagement", but to truly engage we must be empathetic and understand the whole person. (More of my thoughts on this here). The project involved coaching and strategy work in partnership with one of the most prominent hotel groups to enable their internal sustainability team to drive vital cross-functional engagement, and ultimately strategic collaboration to deliver their Vision 2020. Starting with mapping our audiences, we worked together to plan strategic internal engagement, and established a method to track efforts and determine success over time.
  • As another example, I’m partnering with several property development organisations in Hong Kong to conduct a systemic diagnosis of the regional industry's key materials in the supply chain (e.g., concrete, timber, steel, etc.), to inform strategy to transition to a sustainable pathway. (More on this here)
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